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Tesoro Cafe

Coffee Shop and Churros, Kraków


Poselska 18



Call: 600 675 464


The Churro Sandwich

Do you love sweets? Do you love churros? Then the churro sandwich is exactly for you! It's delicious combination of churros, whipped cream, chocolate and other toppings of your choice will melt your mouth, guaranteed! A must have in Krakow!  


More than just a cafe in Krakow

The Tesoro Cafe Experience

Delicious churros that you can make even better by adding a variety of different options like melted Belgian chocolate on the top, Oreo, nuts, and much more! But not only that, you can customize in the same way also your hot chocolate, and choose between many different syrups for your coffee! 

But maybe most importantly, you will have warm service and a very cozy atmosphere with comfortable chairs, sofa, and even a fireplace.

A must visit cafe in Krakow!

Best cafe krakow

Looking for a cozy cafe in Krakow? The best atmosphere is at Tesoro

best cafe krakow
best coffee shop krakow

We know how important it is for you to feel comfortable and in a beautiful atmosphere while you enjoy the best churros, hot chocolate, coffee and more! That´s why we have put a lot of work into designing our local, so that your experience in here is the most amazing of all Krakow cafe. Many customers have been taking photos inside, of the local and also of themselves.

At Tesoro Cafe, you will also find very comfortable chairs, a sofa, fireplace, and a beautiful decoration that will make you say wow. All this was made with you in mind, because we just want your experience to be the best of all dessert places Krakow.

You will also find a very warm service, always with a smile and looking to help in any way possible. If you need to customize your churros, coffee or hot chocolate we will do it. If you would like a photo taken, we will do it. Just ask, and at our cafe we will happily assist with anything as best as possible!

We invite you to Tesoro Café, we will make sure that your stay in Krakow is even better!


Churros in Krakow, a dessert you just have to try

Best churros krakow
krakow best churros

Also known as Spanish doughnuts, they are the perfect dessert to sweeten your day! Normally eaten with cinnamon sugar, they are also amazing with other toppings, chocolate dip, or even by themselves. Perfect for eating with a delicious coffee or hot chocolate.  


Places where they are most popular are in Spain and Latin America, but they have been rapidly gaining popularity around the world. 

We give you many toppings and dips to choose from, so you can have your perfect dessert in Krakow cafe. For the chocolate dips, we use only melted Belgian chocolate of the highest quality, which also supports cocoa farmers. 

Our churros are completely vegan, and we also offer vegan toppings .


Whether you are visiting or resident, we invite you to our Krakow coffee shop to try them. It will surely make your stay much more memorable!

Meet the Churro Sandwich, one of Krakow's top desserts!

There are many dessert places Krakow, but we guarantee you this is very special! Churros have been traditionally eaten with a chocolate dip and sometimes sugar, and while we and many people love them that way, at Tesoro Cafe we also believe in innovation and discovering new, amazing flavors. We present to you, the churro sandwich!


If you love churros and desserts in general as much as we do, then you will love the churro sandwich! Churros are made like buns, and in the middle is our signature whipped cream, with a bit of milk chocolate in the top. Of course, like with everything at our cafe, you can add toppings and customize it to be perfect to your taste!

Just imagine for a moment, this perfect combination of churros with whipped cream in the middle, chocolate in the top, and some oreo with nuts sprinkled on the sides. Yes, we know, we also got hungry!

While you are in our Krakow coffee shop make sure to have one of this, you will be amazed!


Our Delicious and Unique Churro Shakes

Are you ready for the dessert you always dreamed of? We know how much you love churros and how much you love milkshakes, so at our coffee shop Krakow, we have brought you the best of both worlds! You will be amazed not only by it's flavor, but only by it's amazing look.

Krakow best coffee shops have many options of shakes and smoothies, but we guarantee that the most special one is at Tesoro Cafe! A shake that contains our delicious churros, plus two included toppings that you can choose to make your shake unique and perfect for you! Of course, if you are looking to make your experience even sweeter, you can add more toppings! 

Kawiarnia Kraków
Best cafe kraków

Made mainly of tapioca starch and cheese, this exotic treat will transport you from Krakow to the sunny and lively South America! At Tesoro Cafe, we make it with the original Ecuadorian recipe, and we also give you the option to try it in new ways, like dipped in white or milk chocolate. 

Traditional from many South American countries, Pan de yuca is most popular in countries like Ecuador, Colombia, Peru and Brazil (pao de queijo). In Ecuador, they are sold in many shopping malls and cafes in the city, both freshly baked and also frozen to take home. 

Pan de yuca is made with all gluten free ingredients, so it is perfect for people trying to avoid it, although at Tesoro Café we use wheat for our churros, making it possible that there can be cross-contamination, so people with celiac disease should not consume it at our cafe. 

We invite you to come and discover this new, exotic flavor, and join the millions that love it and make it part of their lives. This exotic treat you will not find in any of the other Krakow best coffee shops!

Pan de Yuca, a Delight from South America
The Most Special Coffee and Hot Chocolate in Kraków!
Best chocolate krakow

Who doesn´t love a cup delicious hot chocolate in the winter? We know you do, so in our coffee shop Krakow we use only the highest quality Belgian chocolate, Callebaut, and prepare it with our special recipe. The result is a delicious hot chocolate, which has received very positive reviews and called as the best hot chocolate in Krakow by many.

More than that, you can add toppings to your hot chocolate to make it as you always dreamed!

Of course, we had to mention about our coffee. At our coffee shop we use only the premium coffee Davidoff, which uses only the highest quality coffee beans and its part of the Rainforest Alliance. This guarantees that all of our coffees are delicious, fresh and special. If you would like, you can also choose from our selection of syrups, which also include sugar free options. Whether you come to hang out with friends, work on your laptop or just relax with a coffee, we assure you that you will be very satisfied at our cafe!

We warmly invite you to Tesoro Cafe whether you are:
Krakow best cafe

Looking to enjoy the best churros in Krakow, as well as delicious coffee, hot chocolate, and other South American delights that you will only find at our Krakow

coffee shop.

krakow best churros

Looking to spend a good time with your friends and family, or celebrate a special ocassion in a coffee shop with special food and amazing atmosphere.

Cafe krakow

Looking to chill by yourself in a Krakow cafe with the perfect atmosphere to enjoy the best churros and coffee, or work with your laptop.

The best churros just two minutes from Krakow's main square

Remember - whether you are visiting or living in Krakow, Tesoro Cafe will make your stay more enjoyable, and just a two minute walk from the main square, in Poselska 18.