Our Coffee

Do you love coffee? We know you do, so we have something special for you. A coffee from the best Latin American beans, carefully selected for their flavor, aroma and friendliness with the community and environment!

We understand that not everybody has the same tastes, so we offer a variety of options for your perfect cup of coffee. At Tesoro Cafe, you will enjoy Espresso, Americano, Latte and Capuccino, as well as cold options like Iced Latte, and Frappes. This delicious alternatives are also enhanced with added variety, like our special Mango Frappe, or Caramel Iced Latte, among many others!


Monday            10:00–21:00

Tuesday             10:00–21:00

Wednesday       10:00–21:00

Thursday            10:00–21:00

Friday                10:00–21:00

Saturday            10:00–21:00

Sunday              10:00–21:00

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Tesoro Cafe

Coffee Shop and Churros, Kraków


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