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Find Desserts like Ice Cream, Pancakes at Our Cafe

Find out all the delicious options you can enjoy at our cafe! Ice cream Krakow, Churros, Pan de Yuca and other South American treats! Become your own chef by designing your perfect dessert with our toppings, as well as making the hot chocolate and coffee of your dreams.

At Tesoro Café, we are committed to making your experience as best as possible, that´s why we only use the best ingredients. Committed to having the best ice cream Krakow, we offer only natural ones! The same goes for our poffertjes, they are the new pancakes Krakow sensation!
We are in the process of adding even more amazing and exotic desserts! Also, new ways of enjoying your favorite churros, coffee and more! Check back regularly and follow us on social media so you don´t miss them, as well as our weekly churro specials! Soon we will also include specials for the best pancakes Krakow! 

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