Our Amazing Promotions!

During the month of March, we are giving a big discount on for your coffee when you get it with churros. The promotion works as follows:

- If you buy small churros, you can get a small coffee for 5zl

- If you buy medium churros, you can get a medium coffee for 5zl

- If you buy big churros, you can get a big coffee for 5zl

As you can see, the bigger the churros, the bigger your discount!

This promotion applies for our traditional churros, and of course you can add toppings, chocolates or dips for their regular price.

Also, you can upsize your coffee for just 1zl when getting this promotion!

20 % discount for the students.png

Seeing how much you loved the discount we had for students, we have decided to have it again! When you present your student ID, you will receive a 20% discount on all the items of our menu! Remember, this only applies from Mondays to Fridays until further notice. We are waiting for you! 

*Promotions can't be used together